2018 POA Annual Meeting


Saturday, December 1
The Big Canoe Chapel

►Presentation slides
►Big Canoe 2018 Year in Review

Congratulations to Grant Grimes and Lou Stephenson on their election to the Big Canoe POA Board of Directors and Carolyn Littell as the appointed developer director.
The 2019 Board members are (left to right): Grant Grimes, Director; Lou Stephenson, Director; Dudley DeVore, Vice-President; Jay Goldman, President; Jim Farinholt, Treasurer; Carolyn Littell, Developer Director;Wayne Crawford, Secretary

A. Call to Order
B. Introductions
C. Determination of Required Quorum
D. Developer Director for 2019
E. Newly Elected Directors for 2019
F. Board of Directors’ Report
G. Finance Director’s Report
H. General Manager’s Report
I. Recognition of Departing Directors
J. Adjournment
K. Questions and Answers