Public Safety
(706) 268-1792
The major responsibilities in Public Safety are Fire Protection, Emergency Medical Services, and Rules Enforcement, which includes patrols and the automated gate system. We have seven fire stations on the property, with six engines. The main fire station is manned around the clock with at least one fireman and one EMS representative, and all are trained and State certified. The full-time staff is augmented by trained volunteers who live all over Big Canoe and are often the first on the scene when a call comes in.

Big Canoe has earned a Class 4 ISO rating, and that puts us in the top ten percent of all departments rated by the ISO all over the country. We have automatic aid response agreements with both the Dawson and Pickens County Fire Departments. 

Big Canoe is very proud of our Emergency Medical Services team. We have a State certified Basic Life Support Vehicle stationed in Wolfscratch Village, and manned 24/7 by at least one emergency medical technician or paramedic. When needed, our ambulance services are provided by Dawson and Pickens Counties. We can provide emergency air ambulance service by helicopter.