Winter is coming


Winter is coming
Given what the country has just experienced in Texas and other parts of the Southwest, it may be the time to think about how you heat your homes this winter. The probability is that the price of propane gas will rise and the supply may be negatively impacted by the recent events.
Joining the Big Canoe Propane Consortium is the best way to protect our homeowners from supply shortages and price spikes in the market. To become a member of the consortium, the homeowner MUST OWN the tank. If you do not own your tank, our current supplier, Blossman Gas, is offering to consortium members a limited time special purchase and payment program with discounted pricing on the purchase of the tank and 50% discount on installation and labor if we can schedule two installations per day.
BUT, time is running out. Owners must sign up before 21 October to take advantage of this offer. For information, contact Dee Lathem, Blossman’s Big Canoe Account Manager at (770) 386-6268 or .
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Winter is coming…count on it!